Home Renovations & Remodeling
  • Many times you “like” your house but it doesn’t feel like a home. You love your neighborhood, your schools, and your area but you don’t love your house.  Let Pillar Construction revitalize your house into Your Dream Home. We first listen to your ideas and identify a budget. We then turn your investment into your dream through communication, delivery and attention to detail. Our extensive remodeling and construction experience along with our defined planning and process controls allow you to “Dreamify” your home efficiently and economically. Pillar offers:

        Remodeling planning and design services

          I.  Structural or non-structural floor plan modification

           II.  Add an extra room or garage to your home

        Full service integrity based remodeling and whole house renovation services

          I.  Home disaster repairs

              -  water leaks

              -  fire damages

              -  storm repairs

          II.  Kitchen and Bathroom facelifts 

          III.  Wood repairs 

          IV.  Painting and trim services

          V.  Flooring:  Hardwood, Tile, Carpeting 

       Home purchase and Renovation packages 

       Unit pricing packages

       203k construction loan approved contractor

          I.  Streamline ( $30,000 or less) - Non-structural, minor repairs, painting, appliances, floor coverings

          II.  Traditional 203k - Structural repairs, major:  bathroom and kitchen remodels, flooring, plumbing, windows, siding, additions, heating and cooling.

       Outstanding customer communication and engagement process 

       Detailed craftsmanship

       Innovation and technology